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NW Entities

Mapping Info for Food Solutions New England

Putting Your Engagement Stream, Partner, or Home Group Info on the Network Map

  • On this "Entity" page, you can upload an image and provide a very brief description of your Stream, Partner Org, or Home Group. 
  • Click the "Survey" tab to provide more detailed info that will appear in the "side-bar" on the Network Map.
  • Click the Connections tab to show any relationships between this entity and other entities (as opposed to relationships between people and this entity, which is done using the connection tab that participants see when they are creating their personal profile)

If you have any questions, please contact Thank you!

How we will use this data

The information provided here will be PUBLICLY VISIBLE and shared with all Now What?! participants.

As a rep for this entity how would you describe it, in 140 characters or less