Teen Science Café Network Map Opt-In

Calling all Teen Science Café Network Adult Leaders!
The Teen Science Café Network is seeking your participation to help visualize network leaders, such as yourself, and share details about your Café site.
  • Have you ever wondered how your peers prepare for their virtual or in-person cafés, who live in a rural, suburban, or metropolitan areas?;
  • Did you ever think about connecting with a more experienced Adult Leader to receive guidance & support?; 
  • Are you interested in learning about the types of technology Café leaders use before & during their events?;
  • Would you like to learn how Adult Leaders apply the 7 Core Design Principles in their Café sites with Teen Leaders?
If so, the Teen Science Café Network invites you to participate in an innovative, interactive networking solution!
The Teen Science Café Network Asset Map is designed to highlight network leaders, facilitate inter-site collaboration amongst Cafés, and strengthen our community of practice.
This first step in supporting this unique and exciting effort is for Adult Leaders to participate in our survey using sumApp, a data gathering tool. We will the use survey data  to create the visual & interactive map. The Teen Science Café Network is using Kumu, an online mapping program, to visualize the Network. Through this survey, the Teen Science Café Network  seeks to gather Café specific information and details about your experience, such as skills you are willing to share with others, skills you want to improve as an Adult Leader, and the types of technology you use in your site.
The Teen Science Café Network Asset Map will be accessible to the Network via sumApp's survey dashboard, which includes space for each Adult Leader's Bio, Survey, and Connection details. You may access the Survey and Map, by Opting-In to this effort by submitting and completing the form below. While the map is only accessible to Teen Science Café Network leaders via a unique to you link, the map may appear on Teen Science Café Network training materials, webinars, and other outreach correspondence.
As the Network map grows, a public, information limited geographic visualization of the Network will be added to the Teen Science Café Network website.
Thank you for your participation & support of this effort!
--Teen Science Café Network Team