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Thank you for opting in to the Now What?! registration survey.  While registration is not required for participation in Now What?!, signing up insures you are kept in the loop about the gathering, provides you with special participation invitations, gives you the option of showing up on the Now What?! Participants Map, and will help the conveners support you in having a more valuable experience. 

For general info, please see the new Now What?! website.

Note that you will need access to the email you provide on this form, so that you can receive the four digit access code that you must enter on this page.  Once you enter the code, you will get another email with your personal survey link.  

If you registered for the Oct-Nov 2019 edition of Now What?! you can also use this form to retrieve your personal link to update your profile and check off the box that will re-register you for the current edition. BE SURE TO ONLY USE LOWER CASE LETTERS IN YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS!

If you have any trouble signing up, please email us here.